What are the Most Common Causes of Heating and Air Conditioning Breakdown?

Heating and air conditioning breakdown happens. Even if you maintain your appliance properly and use it responsibly, it still happens. In this case, you do not have too much of a choice but to call a specialist in air conditioning repairs, to determine the cause of the defect and to fix the issue.

There are different causes and different symptoms:

  • Filter wear. After many hundreds of hours of use and dozens of cleanings, the particle filter wears out irrevocably. If the smell of the air emitted by the appliance is not pleasant, if there are noises while it is in operation, or if the cooling efficiency decreases, it is very possible that the filter is to blame. If it is completely worn out, the only solution is to replace it.
  • Excessive noise may also occur due to insufficient Freon. A specialist must check the coolant level and refill it, if necessary.
  • Problems with the programmable thermostatic sensor. If the appliance does not cool or heat up to the temperature at which you set it, it may be because of a defective thermostat, electronic board or memory. These elements must be checked and possibly replaced.
  • Your appliance starts or stops unexpectedly, without command. This is often caused by dirt accumulated on the fan of the outdoor unit. Professional and careful cleaning is required, without damaging other parts.
  • The compressor does not start. The causes can be multiple: the condition of the pipes, the thermostat, the relay, the condition of the coils etc.
  • Water leaks from the front panel. A possible cause could be a crack, damage to the cable insulation, lack of Freon in the installation or even the position of the indoor unit.
  • Too long operating cycles. In general, this problem is caused by improper operation of the compressor. A specialist will be able to check its condition
  • Too short operating cycles. These may be caused by thermostat malfunction, Freon leaks, coils etc.
  • The appliance does not properly dehumidify the air. In this case, your appliance may be too weak to deal with the size of the room, there may be a very high level of humidity in the room or there may be a failure of the condensate drainage system.

In addition to those listed above, there may be other symptoms and causes that must all be all checked by a HVAC specialist.  Without using professional services, you will not be able to accurately identify the problem. Moreover, the repairs must always be carried by a professional. Heating and air conditioning systems are complex, and interventions on them require advanced knowledge and skill. Authorized HVAC specialist offers warranties for their work and can also give you operating tips to prolong the correct operation of your air conditioner.

Tips for maintaining your air conditioner and avoid breakdown

  1. Clean the filters regularly, as dirt or clogging will make the appliance much harder to operate.
  2. Keep the outdoor unit clean and make sure there is nothing covering it.
  3. Schedule an annual technical maintenance. Seek the help of a specialist for routine checks that will prevent heating and cooling breakdown and higher repair costs.