What Do You Do To Clean Up After A Crime Occurs

If a violent crime that resulted in the spilling of blood or of other bodily fluids and the contamination with biologic material has occurred among your premises, the first thing to do is, of course, to call the police. After they arrive, they will probably be followed very soon by the forensic team that will collect all the evidence they can find for the detectives to continue with the criminal investigation. When that phase is complete too, the next step should be to contact us crime scene cleanup company to collect and remove the blood and other biological material from the crime scene as soon as possible, before anyone comes into contact with the pathogens that can be potentially spread by these materials. Here is what you should do after the forensic team has left.

Contact A Specialized Company

Starting the cleaning process yourself might be tempting, but it is very dangerous and it is also likely to be inefficient to handle the cleaning on your own, so you should never attempt the cleanup of the crime scene with amateur methods and with the substances found in your household. The first thing you should do is to start looking for a suitable crime scene cleanup company in your area.

The easiest way to identify the specialized companies around you is by carrying out a little online research – most of these companies have their own websites where they describe their services and where you can find their contact details as well. Crime scene cleanup companies are aware of the importance of quick action in the situations that involve traumatic events, therefore most of them provide emergency services and your cleanup team will show up at your doorstep within a very short time.

Let Your Cleanup Team Work

After you show the crime scene to the cleanup team, your biohazard specialists will determine the best course of action to follow by determining the materials and devices to be used. They will start the cleaning work by putting on adequate personal protective equipment, then they will start removing any stains and contamination from the surfaces and the objects in the affected spaces. They will remove not only the visible dirt, but the invisible pathogens as well, with the help of specialized cleaning materials and high-capacity devices such as steam cleaners.

If the crime scene requires deodorization as well, the specialists will also handle that task with the help of their specialized devices, leaving the crime scene not only perfectly clean and safe to use, but also odor free.

If the crime that has taken place in your building has involved not only contamination with biologic materials, but also fire damage or water damage, your cleanup team will remedy those issues as well. For example, if the crime has been associated with a fire that was extinguished with the help of water or foam, your cleanup professionals will remove the smoke particles, the soot as well as the building components and objects affected by the extinguishing procedure.