For a Blocked Sewer Line Repair, Denver Homeowners Should Contract a Professional

A blocked sewer line not only costs thousands of dollars, but can also severely damage your property. When this happens, you have to get to the root of the problem. You need professional sewer line inspection services sustained by the latest technology in the field.

There are two types of methods used to solve sewer line blockages:

  • The excavation method;
  • The “trenchless” procedure.

The latter method is technologically more advanced and only needs two access points: an entry and an exit point. The “trenchless” method is less invasive and has a minimal impact on your patio, driveway and ground property.

Sewer repair Denver technicians work skillfully and safely, taking care of the property, and using proper placement of ground and plywood supports while using backhoe equipment for the excavation of a clean and safe dig.

Whatever method is suited for your problem, the sewer repair team will be formed of experts in both methods and you can trust their technical abilities of solving your problem. A simple phone call is enough to schedule an appointment at a suitable date and time, and a specialist will come to evaluate the complexity of the issue.