Find Out More About HVAC Boosters by Asking Denver Heating and Air Conditioning Experts

Helping you with information about different HVAC system components is one of the many things heating and air conditioning Denver technicians do for you. Here are, for instance, some interesting things about air conditioning unit’s booster:


  • Function and types – Also known as “capacitor”, a booster has the role to deposit and discharge the electric charge. Voltage and capacitance are the two values used in rating a booster. The former indicates the size of the power supply system the capacitor is designed for, while the latter shows the maximum charge it can store. The start booster and the run booster are the two models this HVAC device’s part is available in.


  • Working – When the motor of the compressor starts, a greater amount of power is necessary, compared with how much the device usually needs. Part of this energy comes from the electrical charge the booster stores. Once the compressor starts working at its normal capacity, the booster stops.


  • Advantages – Lower operating costs and a shorter period necessary for the compressor to start are two of the benefits having the HVAC unit equipped with a booster brings. Also, Denver heating and air conditioning professionals say that the devices incorporating a capacitor live longer than the ones that do not have this part.